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Our projects businesses were conceptually developed by a group of people who premeditated the market and putting together their knowledge for our clients.

Business Units

Operation & Maintenance (O&M)

In collaboration with our technical partners, Serba Dinamik offers the best O&M of all types of installations. Our offerings ranging from consultation to provision of full O&M. Our Pengerang Eco Industrial Park (PeiP), 54.5 acres in Johor and Bintulu Integrated Energy Hub (BIEH), 30 acres development will boost our O&M capabilities and capacity as these will house the MRO & IRM Global Centre of Excellence in Johor and Bintulu, respectively.

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Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPCC)

Serba Dinamik together with our affiliate companies have created a regional network of EPCC customers. To cater for the growing energy market locally and globally, we are expanding our range of services and products in EPCC through the acquisition of 15% equity in Green & Smart Holdings PLC.

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System Integrator

Serba Dinamik has more than 21 years of proven experience in system integration. Combined with the recent inclusion of CSE Global Limited (24.8%), our System Integrator capability has accessibility to 17 countries around the globe, including the USA, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. The large pool of technical expertise and know-how in various applications enable us to service our clients worldwide in multitude disciplines.

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IT Solutions

Our IT solutions, an MSC recognized status company use the latest technology of Industry 4.0 that penetrate a multitude sectors in different industry as education, E-commerce, transportation, digital healthcare, smart home concept and smart maintenance management in ensuring the best for our valued client.

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Education & Training

With our immense industrial experience since 1993, the training curriculum has been crafted specifically to meet the latest industry needs. Serba Dinamik emphasizes on development of intellectual, specialized skill set and ethical values to produce robust and competent manpower.

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Global Trading

Global Trading plays a significant role in our Integrated Engineering Contracting and Maintenance offerings. This business unit enable us to provide and coordinate equipment and parts to be included in the contract with clients. Our Al Sagar Engineering Group Llc (49%) enable Serba Dinamik to leverage on its network in the Middle East on projects and markets to complement our operations. La Rapida SA (20%), Psicon BV (25%) and Psicon AVV (100%) will also boost our global trading as Serba Dinamik will have access to markets in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Far East.

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Our Clients & End-Users

Career & Jobs

Serba Dinamik is a Malaysian group of companies in Global Integrated Engineering Services providing total solutions to broad industries including Oil & Gas, Power, Water, Petrochemical and Steel.

We are looking for suitable candidates to fill the positions in our new projects. All candidates must have relevant experience in Oil & Gas and related field.