Occupational Health & Safety Policy
OHSAS 18001:2007
Quality Policy
ISO 9001:2015
Environmental Policy
ISO 14001:2015

Our Workforce & Society

Developing Our Workforce

We place significant emphasis on improved work performance as part of our business sustainability. As such, we encourage our employees to develop their competencies and qualifications to help them to improve their job performance.

In 2017, we invested approximately RM179,000 on both in-house and external technical training as part of our continuing development in our most valued resource – our people. This is equivalent to RM439 per employee in 2017.

Our Approach to Human Rights

We are committed to the preservation and protection of human rights in our supply chain.

As a global engineering solutions provider, we face issues relating to working conditions in our foreign operations. Part of our business operations includes utilising contractors and their workers in building and construction related works in developing countries. We recognise that the safeguarding of human rights extend to our suppliers and part of our corporate social responsibility is to conduct an annual review of our supply chain including contractors and suppliers to assess their safety procedures and working conditions.

Gender Equality

We will continue to support gender equality by providing equal opportunity without discrimination. Our Group’s total female employees’ composition increased from 18% in 2016 to 19% in 2017. The growth came mainly from our operations in Malaysia.


Although the proportion of women in our operations in Malaysia had increased from 18% in 2014 to 21% in 2017, we recognise that more work needs to be done to create gender equality in our operations.

Of the 21% of women employees, 53% were in clerical and administrative positions, followed by 31% in technical, supervisory, and sales and marketing positions while the remaining 16% were in managerial and professional positions. As such, we do have a gender imbalance in technical and supervisory roles, as well as in managerial and professional departments.

Foreign Operations

Aside from our Malaysia operations, we face more of a challenging environment in promoting gender diversity in our foreign operations where female workers accounted for very low proportion within our Group. This is particularly prevalent in our Middle East operations.

We are stepping up our actions to improve the imbalance by increasing the employment of women across all areas of our organisation. To this end, we have introduced some internal initiatives to attract and retain our pool of talented women in our Group. Some of these initiatives include developing and accelerating the career of female employees who can demonstrate leadership position in their areas of operation. In addition, we recognise that to seek an equal balance of men and women in our Group is to build the pipeline of potential female employees. Part of our initiatives for 2018 is to give seminars and talks targeted at engineering students in tertiary educational institutions as well as vocational students with the intention to attract potential female employees to join our Group.

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational health and safety is an integral part of our business operations and our customers expects the highest safety standards. As such, we have inculcated a culture that focuses on health and safety. Among others, all new employees and contractors working at our service centres and customers’ sites have to undergo formalised internal safety briefing.

Visitors to our service centres are also provided with safety procedures. In addition, safety also extends to attire, footwear and headgear. All workers at our service centres are required to wear company issued work clothes, footwear, hardhats, goggles and where necessary ear plugs. These are specially designed to offer protection for the wearer.