Occupational Health & Safety Policy
OHSAS 18001:2007
Quality Policy
ISO 9001:2015
Environmental Policy
ISO 14001:2015

What We Stand For

What We Stand For

As a commercial enterprise we have an ongoing obligation to our shareholders to create economic wealth. At the same time, we are aware that we operate within a wider ecosystem comprising various stakeholders, the countries that we derive economic benefits as well as the environment that sustain all of us.

As such, we have developed an overall framework and guiding principles for the continuing operation and sustainability of our business.

Our Mission for Sustainability

Our mission for a sustainable business entity is to continuously:
  1. Create wealth for our shareholders with due care and consideration to the environment and society.
  2. Expand our markets locally and globally to drive business growth.
  3. Enhance product and service quality, and drive improvement and innovation to be the provider of choice for our customers.
  4. Maintain the highest standards of workplace health and safety.
  5. Develop our people through continuous training and education, and recognising and rewarding talents to meet the needs of our customers.
  6. Maintain a conducive working environment incorporating equality and merit-based career advancement, while providing for personal and family needs.

Our Sustainability Value Systems

In carrying out our mission, we abide by the following value systems:
  • Shareholders: Our shareholders are owners of the enterprise. We will strive to create wealth for our shareholders.
  • Customers: Customers are the reason we are in business we will continuously engage with them, provide them with quality products and services, and to help them overcome their challenges.
  • Products and Services: Quality is our main focus towards meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.
  • People: The skill & contribution of our people are key to our success. We strive to be one of the best companies to work for and in that respect, we will continue to promote a working environment that is based on equality, merits, ethics, teamwork, honesty, respect, understanding and compassion premised on an open-door policy with management as well as encourage learning and development at all times.
  • Suppliers: Our suppliers are our business partners and we work with them to effectively and efficiently meet the needs of our customers. We employ fair practices and transparent procedures to ensure that our suppliers enjoy mutual benefits for sustainable business partnerships.
  • Global Reach: As we strive to be a global enterprise, we will use local talents and resources of the country where we operate. At the same time, we will continually develop such local talents, and provide economic and social benefits in the countries where we operate.
  • Community: We operate in an ecosystem that involves the greater. To sustain our business, we will exercise corporate social responsibilities which would include, among others, helping the less fortunate, creating job opportunities, encouraging talents and improving social environments.
  • Environment: We recognise that we share the environment with everyone on this earth. We are keenly aware of diminishing non-renewable resources and the negative impact some of these resources may have on the environment. We aim to minimize negative impact on the environment at the very core of our business plans. We also pro-actively source and champion renewable energy resources and help improve the environment for all of us.